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The tidal wave is coming. Are you ready? The skillset required of finance and accounting professionals has changed.

The days where we used to be able to hide behind the spreadsheets very peacefully are quickly fading.

Technical skills and meticulous reports will only get you so far and we must learn how to move from a number cruncher to a strategic partner that inspires action!

It's time to come out from behind excel.

Ladies, the curtain is up. And you're on!


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"While Liz is undeniably a finance and accounting expert, it is her strategic thinking, leadership skills, business acumen, curiosity and analytical abilities that set her apart from any other finance executive I have worked with. Liz knows the right questions to ask, knows the right data to capture and measure and can therefore be more effective at designing and implementing a financial strategy than most. Whether it's a startup, a scale-up, or an established, mature business, Liz brings the financial expertise and transformational leadership skills that will elevate any organization"


""Liz shed light into our business from a historical standpoint and will now be paving the way for our future decision. If you want to increase your bottom line, and really understand the reality of how you can improve your business overall, I highly recommend you working with Liz! You will definitely see results - and she’s super fun to work with! ""


"I love Liz’s perspective that you don’t have to be a numbers person to really understand numbers. She truly helps you feel empowered and fully capable to achieve an incredibly valuable skill no matter where you start! She’s fun and high energy and I loved working with her!"


"Liz was instrumental in my understanding of business finances. She helped me to get a handle of the basics of how to keep books, how to track and analyze my numbers and how to build the right balance of money in different buckets of my business to keep growing AND have a safety net. All components of my business finances that I did not understand prior to the course. Having never gone to business school, this was super important for me. It was all new info to me and frankly, before Liz and this course, it was too overwhelming to think about looking for some avenue to learn about business finances. When I had done so in the past, I had several meetings with various financial experts that simply were not helpful. I now feel very confident that I understand what business finances are and that I am managing my money well. I highly recommend working with her to get a handle on your business finances, not just the basics, but also a plan to grow exponentially."


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