Your Ultimate Guide & Workbook to Crafting Killer Presentations


Want to swipe a super detailed over 58 page workbook, filled with examples that walks you through of the step by step framework on how to craft your next best financial presentation?

It's filled with examples and guidance on how to find your stories, craft your stories and incorporate them into your finance presentations to drive your team to action.

Step by Step Workbook & Guide walking you through Crafting Killer Presentations

 - KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE - Let's help you get super clear on what the goals of your presentation are, what your audience's biggest fears are and what will bring them hope.

- HOW TO FIND THE STORIES WITHIN YOUR NUMBERS - Where can you find them? What questions should you be asking to discover them?

- CREATE YOUR OVERARCHING THEME - What is the one message you want to leave your team or audience with?

- MAP OUT THE JOURNEY - Let's take your audience on an emotional and structural journey that resonates

- SEE THE STORY - Get your deck created that clarifies and emphasizes your message

- AUDIENCE OF ONE - How can you prepare to deliver your presentation confidently?



Liz Barhydt mixes finance with creativity in the freshest possible way. She's got the numbers knowledge and gives you a new perspective without talking over your head about something that most people find boring. If you're looking for a speaker or trainer to add some serious flavor while educating your humans, Liz is your person."

~Melanie Spring, Entrepreneur & Speaker Trainer

“I’ve worked at a handful of mid to large sized companies, sat through countless financial reviews snoozefests and never knew that they could be interesting until I met Liz. She somehow found a way to make financials not only compelling, but one of my favorite parts of quarterly business reviews - who can say that?!”

~Heidi Grutter, Tinuiti Inc.